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Countries agree on decisive and urgent actions to restore marine world to health as Ocean Conference concludes
© United Nations (09.06.2017)
The 193 Member States of the United Nations unanimously agreed to a set of measures that will begin the reversal of the decline of the ocean’s health as the five-day Ocean Conference concluded today. The outcome document, together with more than 1,300 commitments to action, marks a breakthrough in the global approach to the management and conservation of the ocean.

The world’s first mall for recycled goods
© ASK-EU (09.05.2017)
ReTuna Aterbruksgalleria is a mall dedicated entirely to repaired and upcycled goods. It combines a traditional municipal recycling centre with a shopping centre, so that people can drop off goods that they no longer need, and then browse for something new – perhaps stopping off at the cafe in between. It’s the first mall of its kind in Sweden, and as far as they know, the first in the world.

Europe's energy transition is well underway
© ASK-EU (01.02.2017)
The Second Report on the State of the Energy Union shows that the modernisation of the European Union economy and the transition to a low-carbon era are happening.

International Conference on “Integrated Solid Waste Management Practices in Developing Countries”
© ASK-EU (25.01.2017)
CSIR- NEERI is happy to announce the forthcoming two-days international conference on "Integrated Solid Waste Management Practices in Developing Countries". The aim of this conference is to create awareness in the areas of solid waste management with involvement of experts, scientists, researchers, policy makers, consultants, technologists and service providers working in this domain.

Industry endorses plan to recycle 70% of plastic packaging globally
© ASK-EU (16.01.2017)
More than 40 industry leaders have endorsed a new action plan to tackle global plastics issues, and have begun working together to create a more effective global system for plastics. The action plan is presented in The New Plastics Economy: Catalysing action, a new study by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with analytical support from SYSTEMIQ, which reveals that concerted action by industry could result in reuse and recycling of 70% of all global plastic packaging, up from today's recycling rate of just 14%. The authors last year revealed that there could be more plastics than fish in the ocean by 2050.

Environment MEPs for a stronger EU carbon market
© ASK-EU (15.12.2016)
Plans to boost greenhouse-gas emission curbs through the EU carbon market (EU ETS) were backed by the Environment Committee on Thursday. MEPs propose reducing the carbon credits to be auctioned by 2.4% each year, and doubling the capacity of the market stability reserve (MSR) to absorb the excess of allowances on the market.

MEPs’ green light for Paris climate agreement to trigger its entry into force
© ASK-EU (04.11.2016)
The UNFCCC Paris Agreement on fighting climate change, the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal, will come into force next month, having met the necessary conditions much earlier than predicted, as the European Parliament agreed to its ratification by the European Union in a historic vote on Tuesday. The EU will join the US, China and India, other global players and major greenhouse gas emitters, at a November meeting of Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA) in Marrakesh.

Study tour organized by WtERT Germany was successfully
© WtERT Germany GmbH (01.11.2016)
As already reported WtERT Germany organized the visit of the waste utilization plant in Ingolstadt and the fermentation plant in Warngau on 7th October for a delegation of high-ranking representatives of the “Federation of Thai Industries”.

Study tour organized by WtERT Germany
© WtERT Germany GmbH (04.10.2016)
WtERT Germany will guide a delegation of high-ranking representatives of the “Federation of Thai Industries” to the waste utilization plant in Ingolstadt and to the fermentation plant in Warngau on 7th October.

Papers of the conference “IRRC Waste-to-Energy 2016” are now available
© ASK-EU (30.09.2016)
From 05th till 06th September the conference “IRRC Waste-to-Energy 2016” was held in Vienna by TK Verlag Karl Thomé-Kozmiensky. Now you can find the numerous papers in our knowledge-pool.

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