Advantages for associations
Associations are given the opportunity to present themselves to a broad public and are epresented in ASK in an optimal way.
International Awareness
Associations are opinion leaders in their branch. They evolve qualifying systems and are interested in third party certifications. Proved and tested solutions should even be discussed in international online panels.
Advertising for Members
Regular advertising for new members does cost money - in ASK you can earn money.
Advantages for universities
Research results will be published with priority and will be well presented. You might as well earn Money with your publication.
Science and research in particular require contact to clients, partners and users of knowledge.
A university represented in ASK can establish a reliable online reputation via knowledge based search.
Advantages for publishing houses
Secondary Marketing
Professional content from print magazines will be available all over the globe - at a reasonable price, of course.
Cross Media
Meet your clients. Coordinated strategies will generate many synergies from an online print cooperation.
Service for Authors
Authors are the basis of every professional magazine: They deserve optimal Service - ASK provides it.
Economies of Scale
Publishers can easily test international markets.


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ASK offers a transaction and marketing platform free of charge - the partners provide content.
Any earnings will be split, with 70% going to the content partner and 30 % to the ASK portal.
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