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IESP - International Expert Group on Earth System Preservation 
Feasibiltiy and analysis of an anaerobic digestion plant for swine sector in Aragón
The purpose of this analytical study was to investigate the feasibility of an anaerobic digestion process, taking into consideration such factors as raw materials, logistics, Spanish policies, digester design, biogas production, cogeneration production and a financial model. As a result of this study it was discovered that, from the environmental and financial point of view (IRR= 17,7%), biogas production from the manure residues of swine have a positive effect because of co digestion with poultry slurry.

ASK Special
Radioactive contamination of ground water can be contained with green sludge
Radioactive waste needs millions of years to decay and may cause severe health damages when finding its way into groundwater. But now researchers at the University of Copenhagen have proved that the dangerous waste can be encapsulated and contained.
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Paper and board recycling in 2020: Overview of world statistics
New BIR report corroborates fundamental importance of recovered fibre and free trade

BIR Barcelona Convention: Plastics Committee: Supply challenges temper talk of boom time for recyclers
Although plastics recyclers are enjoying the benefits of massive demand and extremely high prices”, they are struggling to source sufficient feedstock to enable them to cope with this undoubted boom time, lamented board member Max Craipeau of Hong Kong-based Greencore Resources Ltd in chairing the latest meeting of the BIR Plastics Committee.

BIR Barcelona Convention: E-Scrap Committee: EPR “the only solution for anticipated tidal wave of lithium-ion batteries
Traditional lead-acid batteries used in vehicles could be recycled viably and in an environmentally sound manner, but it was “a completely different story for spent lithium-ion batteries which were expected to flood into the market over the coming decades, stated Dr Alvaro Rodríguez de Sanabria, Senior Public Policy Manager Spain for e-bike and e-scooter start-up VOI Technology, in his guest presentation to the BIR E-Scrap Committee meeting in Barcelona on May 24.




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