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Press Release on behalf of Global Recycling Foundation
© ASK-EU (08.12.2022)
Theme announced for Global Recycling Day 2023 - Recycling Heroes for Creative Innovation

Recent BIR Dubai 2022 - E-Scrap Committee
© ASK-EU (27.10.2022)
Time to review Basel Convention?

Recent BIR Dubai 2022 - Tyres & Rubber Committee
© ASK-EU (26.10.2022)
Gulf States speed up tyre recycling

Recycling industry needs support
© ASK-EU (25.10.2022)
In the wake of its recent World Recycling Convention, the Bureau of International Recycling expresses concern regarding the effect of the current energy / cost-of-living crisis on the livelihood of its member companies in Europe and across the globe.

Recent BIR Dubai 2022 - International Environment Council
© ASK-EU (24.10.2022)
Opportunity for industry to gain from “green” activities

Paper and board recycling in 2020: Overview of world statistics
© ASK-EU (23.08.2022)
New BIR report corroborates fundamental importance of recovered fibre and free trade

BIR Barcelona Convention: Plastics Committee: Supply challenges temper talk of boom time for recyclers
© ASK-EU (27.05.2022)
Although plastics recyclers are enjoying the benefits of massive demand and extremely high prices”, they are struggling to source sufficient feedstock to enable them to cope with this undoubted boom time, lamented board member Max Craipeau of Hong Kong-based Greencore Resources Ltd in chairing the latest meeting of the BIR Plastics Committee.

BIR Barcelona Convention: E-Scrap Committee: EPR “the only solution for anticipated tidal wave of lithium-ion batteries
© ASK-EU (27.05.2022)
Traditional lead-acid batteries used in vehicles could be recycled viably and in an environmentally sound manner, but it was “a completely different story for spent lithium-ion batteries which were expected to flood into the market over the coming decades, stated Dr Alvaro Rodríguez de Sanabria, Senior Public Policy Manager Spain for e-bike and e-scooter start-up VOI Technology, in his guest presentation to the BIR E-Scrap Committee meeting in Barcelona on May 24.

Composting of packaging and products made from compostable or biodegradable plastics is no recycling
© DGAW - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft e.V. (10.05.2022)
The terms “biodegradable” or “compostable” describe the property of plastics to degrade under biological action and controlled conditions during composting, respectively. Packaging or Products labeled with these terms must meet certain requirements that are specified in standards such as EN 13432:2000 or EN 14995:2006

Global Recycling Foundation: Why is Recycling Neglected in the fight to preserve the Planets Green Capital?
© ASK-EU (17.02.2022)
The Global Recycling Foundation is calling for recycling to be recognised as an essential weapon in preserving the planets green capital.

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