Online Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis for the Characterization of Raw Materials
© ANTS - Institut für anthropogene Stoffkreisläufe an der RWTH Aachen (2/2016)
The Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) is a non-destructive technique for online material characterization. PGNAA can determine the elemental composition to classify materials.

bifa-Text No. 62: Ecoefficiency analysis of photovoltaic modules / english version
© bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH (2/2014)
The study by the bifa environmental institute describes a future-orientated view of the ecological and economic effects of photovoltaic (PV) systems along their whole life cycle.

Decoding interdependencies between primary and secondary raw material markets by means of the Capacity Model
© Wasteconsult International (5/2011)
On the basis of the well-known life-cycle-concept the Capacity Model presents an explanation approach for the interdependencies between primary and secondary raw material markets alongside the life-cycle of different waste materials. Depending on site capacity and waste amount the price for a certain waste material is either determined by the disposal market or the energy and raw material market.

The long arm of the East: China keen to get hold of German electronic scrap
© Deutscher Fachverlag (DFV) (6/2010)
In future, energy and resource efficiency, as well as principles of closed loop recycling management will set the political agenda more than short-term economic growth. Germany is more than just a role model -- it will also be attractive as a supplier of raw materials for the Middle Kingdom.

Reliable identification of conductive metals: Sorting metals with no optical aids
© Deutscher Fachverlag (DFV) (6/2010)
The EX900 sorting unit, manufactured by Exsor GmbH, is a completely new development in the field of fully automatic, sensor-aided metal sorting. It can accurately recognise and sort out electrically-conducting materials, has a throughput of up to 60 tons per hour for slag and has an intelligent automation concept with freely selectable sorting and metal programs. Thanks to the PROFIBUS automation concept it is possible to control, monitor and visualise all assembly groups and subsystems universally and modularly, while the system can be extended almost infinitely.

Composting and the green house effect: how to support the biological cycle
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (10/2008)
Eco-effectiveness and cradle-to-cradle design present an alternative design and production concept to the strategies of zero emission and ecoefficiency. Where eco-efficiency and zero emission seek to reduce the unintended negative consequences of processes of production and consumption, eco-effectiveness is a positive agenda for the conception and production of goods and services that incorporate social, economic, and environmental benefit, enabling triple top line growth.



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