WHYMAP – The New Global Map of River and Groundwater Basins
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (9/2012)
A new map of “River and Groundwater Basins of the World” has been prepared to help water resource policy makers and planners visualise, at the broad scale and in general terms, the potential interaction between surface water systems and the underlying groundwater resources for their conjunctive uses. It aims to promote the fact that groundwater has to play an equal part in the management of water resources, since aquifers are a major source for drinking water-supply, agricultural irrigation and industrial production, and are vital for sustaining the natural environment.

Influence of the size and orientation of the waste module on the level of underground hydrosphere contamination
© NMC Ltd. (10/2010)
Methodological approaches and results of numerical modeling of underground water flow and its contamination from a waste module are presented. An influence of the size and orientation of the waste module on the contamination level of underground water has been analysed.

Closing down Pääsküla landfill. Post-closedown environmental monitoring and maintenance of the landfill
© NMC Ltd. (10/2010)
Pääsküla landfill is the largest municipal waste landfill in Estonia which was established 1972 and closed 2003. The landfill was closed down during 2003-2006 within ISPA (The Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-accession) project. At the moment of closing down its volume was 4,5 million cubic metres, relative height 29 metres and its area nearly 30 hectares. The total cost of the project was 11 225 009 EUR (175 633 228 EEK) including V.A.T 18 per cent. Objectives of the projects were to minimize the environmental impacts in a long perspective against main hazards as contamination of groundwater and surface water, landfill gas leakage, health hazards to neighbourhood dwellings and nuisance like smell, fly trash, gulls and other birds and rodents.

Groundwater Risk Evaluation of Several Landfill Sites in the Province of Vicenza (Veneto Region, Northern Italy)
© NMC Ltd. (10/2010)
A study on environmental conditions of a large number of landfills, in which waste storage has occurred in '70-'80s, has begun on behalf of the Province of Vicenza. The main purpose of the work, resumed on this paper, is to draw up an inquire priority list and, subsequently, to design monitoring networks in order to test groundwater chemical conditions. Based on the results, a site-specific risk analysis for the groundwater shall be performed. The identified sites are a total of 43, distributed throughout the Province of Vicenza. Site locations are shown in the table enclosed to this paper.

Nature to the rescue: Natural processes can reduce pollutants in groundwater
© Deutscher Fachverlag (DFV) (6/2010)
When contaminated sites are being remediated authorities and the companies concerned focus on contaminant loads in the groundwater. So-called natural attenuation processes have been increasingly monitored and used over the last few years. A collaborative research project, which has been working for more than six years in Germany, has now developed the scientific fundamentals to better understand the natural degradation processes. As part of the project, 24 contaminated sites were examined in detail.

Decentralised Solution to Secure Drinking Water Supply in Remote Brazil
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (9/2009)
Together with the Brazilian partner COPASA, one of the largest water supply companies on the Latin American continent, Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH, is testing mobile drinking water supply solutions for remote regions. An article in the part “Science” of this gwf issue describes the background of the project.

Assessing the impacts of environmental policy instruments on sustainable irrigated agriculture
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
In the last years the use of groundwater resources in irrigated agriculture poses an increasing environmental threat in many rural regions of Greece. The associated problems are likely to become even more intense due to the emerging climate change, with direct impacts on the agricultural sector itself.

Treatment of ammonia-polluted groundwater in North Bohemian brown coal mining region
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
A feasibility study was completed to assess the applicability of two groundwater treatment technologies at the site, where a brown coal processing plant released 4000 tons of ammonia into the subsurface. The present groundwater ammonia concentration (approx. 100 ppm) was required to be reduced to 0.5 ppm to satisfy the Czech groundwater remediation directives.

Land degradation due to diapirs in Iran, case study: Hableh-Rood Drainage Basin, East of Tehran
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
Different geological characteristics play role in land degradation in Iran which are: 1-The abundance of Neogene evaporitic marly formations around and in desertic depression. These units have had important role in the formation of present landforms, are saline, alkaline and erodible and degrade the quality of water resources as diffuse and widespread sources. 2- The presence of numerous diapirs, some of which are salt domes consisting of halite.

Groundwater quality and sampling location comparison of assessments in Thessaly region and the application of the Multivariate Statistical Interpretation in Magnesia, Greece
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
This study is a review and analysis study of previous research studies. Firstly, according to the involvement of human activities was located the quality and it was assessed the revalorization of groundwater in Thessaly. Secondly the distribution patterns of some physical parameters (electric conductivity, pH and total hardness) and major ions (nitrate, nitrite, chloride, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphate and sulphate) of groundwater, commonly assayed in chemistry laboratories, in the Prefecture of Magnesia (Thessaly-central Greece) is reported.

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