Chambon dam: a Struggle against AAR
© Springer Vieweg | Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH (6/2016)
Chambon, a 137 m high concrete gravity dam completed in 1935, is affected by heavy AAR. A series of slot cutting and a drained exposed PVC geomembrane were completed in 1994 and provided an extension of service of 20 years. After new studies and the agreement of the authorities, EDF decided in 2013 to carry out new slot cutting, to reinforce the crown by a system of tendons and carbon bands and to install a new geomembrane.

Planning and Design of Kemah Arch Dam in a Very Strong Seismic Region
© Springer Vieweg | Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH (6/2016)
The Kemah arch dam is situated in Turkey close to the Eurasian Seismic Zone, where the peak ground acceleration of a 2 500-year earthquake reaches to a value of 0.70g. In this paper, the planning and design of the arch dam are reported besides presentation of main features of the project. Based on the results of geological and geotechnical investigation including the karstic foundation, shape of the arch dam was optimized using the time-history approach to cope with the extraordinary seismic loading, and the stresses in the arch dam and foundation were analysed in each time step. Based on the determined tensile and compressive stresses, the required concrete classes were accordingly defined.

Membrane Filtration of Wastewater Split Flows originating from Paper Industry and Biological Wastewater Treatment of the generated Membrane Concentrates
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (9/2011)
Wastewater effluents from deinking- and TMP processes were taken and were concentrated in 2 stages consisting of ultra- and nanofi ltration. Futher more, the concentrates were biologically treated with a single aerobic and a hybrid anaerobic-aerobic process. With a continuous anaerobic reactor and an aerobic SBR reactor experiments were conducted to study the variations in hydraulic retention time (HRT), food to biomass ratio (F/M) and wastewater concentrate. For the deinking wastewater concentrate, an overall average COD elimination of 51 % and 57 % was achieved for aerobic and anaerobic-aerobic treatment, respectively. Single stage aerobic treatment of TMP wastewater concentrate had an mean COD elimination effi ciency of 61 % and the hybrid anaerobic-aerobic treatment yielded 73 %. The temperature in the aerobic biological SBR reactor was kept stable at 30 °C with an F/M ratio between 0.01 and 0.5 gBOD5/(gSS · d).

Comparison of IMS-Free and IMS Real-Time PCR Detection of Giardia lamblia from Surface Water
© PSP - Parlar Scientific Publications (12/2010)
Giardia lamblia is one of the most important waterborne pathogenic protozoa. Its occurrence in source and drinking water threatens human health seriously. In this study, four quantitative real-time PCR protocols involving Envirochek filtration, flat membrane filtration, immunomagnetic separation (IMS) and IMS-free separation to detect G. lamblia from surface water were compared.

Biofilms on aged Materials in Household Installation Systems
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (8/2010)
The causes of contamination originate in the water itself and on materials in contact with water. Drinking water is not sterile and does not have to be. Water treatment plants’ strategy consists in removing the nutrients that bacteria feed on to produce “biostable” drinking water. This allows in many cases chlorination to be avoided. But it is known that even biologically stable drinking water with very low nutrient content still contains micro-organisms. These micro-organisms can multiply themselves if they encounter nutrients.

Sanitary Engineering Structure and Prerequisite in Minas Gerais, Brazil
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (8/2010)
Introducing a Decentralised Water Treatment Plant

Storage Management and Flood Warning in Urban and non-urban Drainage based on Runoff Prediction
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (8/2010)
Intense rainfall events are a major cause of flooding problems in urban and non urban areas. They are due to increased sealing of areas resulting in high runoff volumes. Especially in urban areas and small catchments the time interval between rainfall event and flood peak can be very short.

The French Legal Framework for Marine Protected Areas
© Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (9/2009)
Frankreich ist nicht nur ein wichtiger Mitgliedstaat der Europäischen Union, sondern hat zugleich das zweitgrößte „Aquitorium“ in der Welt. Veranlasst durch die Beschlüsse der 7. Vertragsstaatenkonferenz der Konvention über die Biologische Vielfalt (CBD) in Kuala Lumpur vom Februar 2004 und andere völkerrechtliche Vorgaben, errichtete Frankreich nach anglo-amerikanischem Vorbild ein Amt („L’agence des aires marines protégées“), das für die Auswahl und das Management mariner Schutzgebiete zuständig ist. Das Ziel ist, 10 % des Küstenmeeres unter Schutz zu stellen.

Self-cleaning data logger measurements of long-term (2002 to 2006) variation in chlorophyll a concentration in the Uwa Sea, southwestern Japan
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
We monitored long-term variation (January 2002 to November 2007) in chlorophyll a concentrations at a pearl oyster aquaculture facility in the Uwa Sea, southwestern Japan using a self-cleaning data logger. The logger enabled continuous measurements at 10 min intervals. Such high measurement frequency is not possible using previous methods, e.g., remote sensing of satellite ocean color or spectrophotometry.

Coastal water quality monitoring in Cyprus using satellite remote sensing
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
Knowledge of the current ecological state is of vital importance for coastal zone management. Due to the optical complexity of coastal waters compared to the open ocean, more sophisticated instruments and algorithms are needed to derive relevant variables. Satellite remote sensing allows the spatial and temporal assessment of various physical, biological and ecological parameters of water bodies on global and regional scales.

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