Development of local municipal solid waste management in the Western Transdanubia region of Hungary
© Lehrstuhl fĂĽr Abfallverwertungstechnik und Abfallwirtschaft der Montanuniversität Leoben (11/2020)
Hungarian municipal solid wastes (MSW) management has developed tremendously over the past 15 years. More than 3,000 landfills and dumps had been closed, just to mention one improvement. However, still, lots of work is necessary to accomplish the EU’s ambitious aim of decreasing landfilling and increasing recycling and composting.

Production of clean compost out of mixed MSW: a giant leap towards Zero Waste
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
One of the latest innovations in Mechanical Biological Treatment-plants is a new process, called SORDISEP (SORting, DIgestion & SEParation).

Kompogas ® Dry Anaerobic Digestion and BioMethan Gas Upgrading Technologies in modern MBTs to Produce Carbon-Neutral Vehicle Gas
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
While MBT plants traditionally focus on mechanically sorting selected material fractions from a given MSW waste stream and on stabilizing the organic fraction to be used e.g. as landfill cover, a modern waste management system requires much more.

The Malta North Waste Treatment Plant (MNWTP) Co-Digestion of Municipal Solid Waste, Manure and Chicken Dung
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
This article gives an overview on the Malta North Waste Treatment Plant (MNWTP), presenting as well experiences and results during the start-up phase and the guarantee tests executed in 2016.

Evaluation of moisture removal in Bio-drying process with auto-controlled aeration system
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
The bio-drying process, used within MBT facilities in order to produce high-quality SRF, improves productivity of SRF and minimizes disposal of MBT residue. Moisture removal during bio-drying of mechanically sorted organic residue from an SRF production facility,composed of only mechanical separation processes, was evaluated in this study.

Characterization of municipal solid waste by particle size and pilot sorting tests
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
The Province of Québec in Canada has the objective to ban disposal (landfilling) of organic matter until 2020.

Disposal of biogenic fractions in the PR of China
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
In recent years, China has taken huge steps towards a sustainable waste management.

BAT Reference Document for Waste TreatmentCompletion of the Process and Impact on MBT
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
Since 2010, the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) has been the basis for rules pertaining to the integrated prevention and control of pollution from industrial activities, including waste treatment plants.

Integrated Solid Waste Treatment Concept for Electronic City, India
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
The waste management situation in Electronic City, Bangalore, India and its surrounding villages need immediate attention since over 100 tons of MSW is currently generated in these areas every day.

Implementation of Anaerobic Treatment into Mechanical Biological Treatment Plants (MBT)
© Wasteconsult International (5/2017)
The German approach of Mechanical Biological Treatment Plants (MBT) initially was driven by the target that the treated substrate is fulfilling the criteria to be deposited off in landfills; the overall energy balance of the system was not relevant.

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