Digital Quality Management Systems for Sustainability in Food Economy
© Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (6/2023)
I. Thematic Framework The implementation of sustainability-related regulatory requirements for the food economy is in the midst of a phase of digital transformation. Impending disruptive innovation leaps can grant companies decisive competitive advantages in this respect and increase the efficiency of corporatemanagement as well as the companies sustainability performance.

The Constitutional Foundation and Limitation of the Environmental Levy in Taiwan
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Environmental protection is one of emerging tasks for modern countries. It has been suggested that social, economic, and technological development and advancement are built on the utilization or consumption of (limited) resources, which simultaneously destruct and damage the environmental conditions fundamental to human life. Consequently, how to reduce, decrease or even avoid more destructions to the living conditions have gradually become the subject of environmental protection legislation.

The effect of calcium carbonate, compost and biochars treatments on the chemical properties and solubility of organic materials of sandy soils
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (6/2014)
Composting and pyrolysis of wastes with high organic matter content could be a solution for recovery, reduction or stabilization of the amount of generated biodegradable wastes, and thus support waste management and environmental prevention. Furthermore using compost and biochar in agriculture plays an important role in soil nutrient supply, and in improvement of physical and chemical properties as well.

France - quality expectations of farmers and consumers
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (6/2012)
This paper associates three complementary contributions respectively brought by Suez Environnement/Terralys and by 2 representatives of the agricultural sector, that will dress a comprehensive feedback regarding the current state of recycled fertilising products quality level and use in France and more particularly in west of France. Further authors: B. Decoopman - Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture de Bretagne, France; E. Porcher - farmer, France; B. Hernandez - Terralys, subsidiary of Suez Environnement, France

Natural Bioactive Compounds in Copper Bioremediation
© Lehrstuhl fĂĽr Abfallverwertungstechnik und Abfallwirtschaft der Montanuniversität Leoben (11/2010)
The aim of this research work was to investigate the influence of spruce bark natural bioactive compounds on copper bioaccumulation in rape plant.

Alternatives to wheeled loaders: Tracked conveyors and program-controlled conveyor belts have advantages:
© Deutscher Fachverlag (DFV) (6/2010)
Wheeled loaders are still indispensable working machines in many companies – also in construction material recycling plants. They are used because of the long operating hours they are capable of. In addition to the final loading, in many cases intermediate stockpiles are created, although these can result in considerable costs and risks.

Investigations of Site-Contaminations in China: Initial Site-Contamination-Investigation and -Remediation in China
© Deutscher Fachverlag (DFV) (6/2010)
Currently in China there is proceeding a serious intensification of the environmental law relating to future critical limit values and the obligation of accompanying measures. Also in China the assessment of possible financial relevant features of sites like hazardous waste contaminations and groundwater pollution is becoming more important. Nowerdays, the investigation concerning contaminations of sites in China is becoming necessary and interesting for German investors. Meanwhile, in the course of all-embracing Due-Diligence-examinations for site assessments in China for a German investor the R&H Umwelt GmbH from Nuremberg/Germany (R&H) already has performed several initial site-contamination-investigations including the initial investigation of the building-substance on industrial sites.

Surface energy budget over the grass and the concrete surface
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
Temperature change according to the surface characteristics result from thermal and dynamic energy variations which are occurred by organic relation of more detailed components. Micrometeorological energy budget in urban area that have various surface scales and feature will offer significant indicator to urban thermal environment analysis and improvement. We observed meteorological variables on the concrete that have highest share in urban and the grass that represent park area in urban. At the same time, we directly observed energy flux components using atmospheric turbulence observation system in winter season.

Heat energy exchange of reed canopy over Goheung bay
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
Heat energy exchange is very important processes in the coastal wetland ecosystems. We observed and analyzed the net radiation flux, the sensible heat flux, the latent heat flux and the soil heat flux, which are balanced in the heat energy balance, over a reclaimed land covered with reeds at Goheung, where is horizontally plane. The atmospheric turbulence had been measured in order to estimate the heat transfer during 5 intensive observation periods (IOPs).

Established activities and land use classification in Thriassion Plain – Greece with the assistance of satellite images, ground measurements and model results
© Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (6/2009)
Already since the beginning of the 20th century, Thriassion Plain has been the area that bore the brunt of the industrialization of Greece through the establishment and operation of a large number of industrial and production units. The focus of the present study is the growth of the number of established activities over time and the consequent change in land use.

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